Hello everyone! I know you see this pretty frequently now but please bare with me. This is my momma. She’s seriously the most amazing, strongest, and all around nicest woman I’ve ever met and i’m not just saying that because she’s my mom. She’s the first one to give you money if you need it, the one who make it shine on a cloudy day, and without a doubt bring a smile to your face and some warmth to your heart without trying. She was a single mom who raised me from paycheck to paycheck. She never had any support from anyone and always taught me the values of being a strong independent woman, love everyone unconditionally, and to never throw the first punch but finish the fight. Lately she’s been very upset that no one will ever love or appreciate her the way I do and that’s where you come in Tumblr. I want to try and signal boost this as much as possible. I want to show her that other people out there in the world thinks she’s just as amazing as I see her. So if I could just get this to at least 500 notes or even 1,000 it would mean that absolute world to not just me but to her.

Please Tumblr. Do this for a girl who just wants to bring a smile to a woman’s face who I feel truly deserves it.

Thank you for your time.

ps. I’m going to tag this with a bunch of stupid shit just to get this signal boosted so bare with the tags.

HOnest to god this woman IS amazing and so is her daughter. <3

She is one of my favorite people in this world.

I absolutely adore this woman. Please reblog :)

I know this isn’t what I usually post but this is a friend of mine and this is something super sweet she is trying to do for her mom. So everyone should help her out :]

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"If you enter this world knowing you are loved, and leave the world knowing the same, then everything else in between can be dealt with"- Michael Jackson

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Country Wedding.

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I want to be there when you wake up, be more than just your friend, baby there’s no mistaking, you’re the love I want to be in.

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A few of my favorite pictures of my husband & I….hard to believe some of these are from two years ago.



Please. <3

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